What is Skitter TV?

Skitter is a system that allows you to watch TV using off-the-shelf set top boxes. What you see on your TV is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a room of equipment in each TV market that makes all this possible. The great thing is you get TV on the same box as the other apps you love!

What channels can I view with Skitter TV?

The lineup of channels that Skitter TV provides vary depending on location. If you fall into your local telecommunication company's DMA (Designated Market Area) who's partnered with Skitter, we offer your local channels. If local channels are not available in your area at this time, you can still sign up and receive our National package. This does NOT include local channels, but has great content that can be viewed anywhere in the U.S.A. We are working non-stop to add more channels to this list everyday. Click on this link to view our current National Package: https://skittertv.com/channels.php

How do I know if local channels are available in my area?

When you visit Skittertv.com, there are multiple sign up buttons. Click on a sign up button and it will prompt you to enter your information and where you live. It will then show a map of where you live, if it is correct, click yes. A message will then pop up, if locals are available in your area, the website will notify you. If not, it will prompt you to move along to sign up for our National package. You will not be asked for billing information until after you have selected the packages you would like to purchase. (Note: Once your email address is entered, we will then be able to notify you when local channels will be available in your area.) Click this link to see if locals are available in your area: Sign Up!

When will Skitter be available in my area?

There are 210 DMAs (Designated Market Areas) in the US. We are working as fast as we can to put the relationships and contracts in place that allow us to deliver TV to you. Our roll-out plan is private to our company and to our telephone company partners at this time. If you leave your email address with us at Skittertv.com, we will notify you when locals are available in your area.

Why is Skitter not available in my area?

Skitter establishes relationships with telephone companies, cable companies and ISPs in order to establish a presence in each TV Market (DMA). For various legal and regulatory reasons, Skitter is not allowed to provide the service without a partnership with a local internet provider.

If you own or manage one of these and want Skitter in your area, please contact us now. If not, please call your local internet provider and let them you know you want SkitterTV!

Why can't I find a zip code that works?

Skitter TV is a service that is provided to your local telephone company. The telephone company in return provides the Skitter service to all of their customers (you). If your local telephone company does not offer Skitter service, then you will not be able to utilize Skitter TV for local channels. You must be in your telephone company’s service area in order to access the Skitter network for locals. You will not be able to utilize Skitter TV from a different DMA for local channels. The reason it says, "Not available in your area." is because your local telephone company does not offer Skitter Service. But, you can call them and request it! Whether your local channels are available or not, you will still be able to obtain our National Package!

Can I get Skitter from another area?

No. We are not licensed to provide local TV signals outside the DMA in which it is licensed. There are various legal content protection and regulatory reasons for this. For example, Skitter is not allowed to provide a service that would circumvent blackout restrictions for sporting events.

How does Skitter work?

Skitter makes all the equipment that allows an internet service provider to deliver TV to its customers. Most of the equipment lives in a building you will never care about but it includes encoders, a management system, and media servers that allow all this to work. The part you care about is the client and we will be adding new ones all the time.

How much does Skitter Cost?

For local channels, the cost all depends on what package your local telephone company is carrying and the market prices at that time. The National Package is currently $8.99 a month.

Why don't I just use an antenna?

  • too far for antenna
  • antenna not allowed
  • simpler
  • less expensive

I have a Roku, how do I add Skitter?

Visit our Roku page for setup instructions.

I have a Western Digital, how do I add Skitter?

Visit our Western Digital page for setup instructions.

Why do you need my zip code?

We don't have licenses in every market yet. With your zip code we can figure out where you are and what stations we can offer you.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by logging into the sign in page and cancelling your subscription.

Does Skitter offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, Skitter does not provide free trials for the service. If you sign up for service, and request a cancellation within 24 hours, we will give you a refund and cancel your account. If you do not request a cancellation within the first 24 hours, we will keep the account active for the rest of the month and not renew your subscription past then.

For any questions, please contact us at Skitter TV